Contemporary Windsor Chair

This chair was made from locally sourced timber, the seat, arm and headrest are European walnut while the rest of the chair is made from chestnut sourced on the makers own land.

Each element of the chair is hand made either carved or turned with love and care, the constructed chair has no fixings other than glue and hand cut wedges, just like its traditional counterparts. The hand carved seat was carved and re-carved to the individual buyers requirements, the legs were turned on multiple centres which gives the distinctive look and feel, this is truly an original chair in every sense of the word.

Seats are made from seasoned timber while spindles are split from newly felled trees turned and then dried and finished just before final fitting to the chair, this ensures strength and durability of the finished chair.

This chair was made over a period of 8 weeks with over 100 hours of skill and craftsmanship invested in its design and making. Each bespoke chair or set of chairs come with a guarantee of originality the maker will not repeat your design in the same choice of timber combination for anyone else.

There is an 8 week back order for bespoke chairs and 16 to 20 weeks for sets of bespoke chairs.